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Enabling Series which includes number of training which will be available all across Pakistan – Not just online but FACE TO FACE as well where you can EAT the brain of trainer in your own local city of Pakistan.

So here you go.

  1. Amazon Private Label Boot Camp – this will cover up all aspects to Private Label FBA Business which will allow you to make Crazy money and build you OWN brand.
  2. Alibaba Boot Camp – This is another thing which was lacking in Pakistan to have clear and expert training on Alibaba that how we can sell our own Pakistani products on Alibaba where the world is sourcing from.
  3. eBay Boot Camp – Yes! We received crazy amount of queries so we are introducing dedicated eBay Boot Camp which will be from Account creation to until you are making money!
  4. Amazon Drop shipping – This is going to be favorite for some people – This is going to tell in much more SAFE way how you can start Amazon Drop Shipping business in a SAFE way!
  5. Amazon FBA Wholesale – This training will be covering in much more clear and detail way how you purchase items directly from the manufacturer and then sell them as a reseller on Amazon.
  6. Amazon Affiliate Marketing – This is itself an Art so we will have dedicated training for this which will allow you to run your own Amazon affiliate store.
  7. VA Training Program – This training will be covering up all aspects of account management of Amazon, eBay, Walmart and many more.
  8. Amazon PPC – this is a compete art which we have dedicated on several weeks of training which will allow you to offer or run your own PPC campaigns and will explain step by step how you can bring you Acos to les than 10% by using several PPC Tools.
  9. Shopify / Facebook Ads and Many Chat – This training will be dedicated to Facebook Marketing, Many Chat etc as this is complete science and everyone needs to dedicate time to understand it fully before implementing for your own projects or offering your services along with setting up Shopify Store.
  10. Listing Promoter – This is something we announced earlier but we need to ensure everyone who is serious about offering their service comes under structural way to offer their services to sellers around the world.
  11. Selling in Gulf / UAE Market: This is going to be exciting where we will cover up how you can be able to build your own brand or drop shipping in UAE and Gulf Market which is currently emerging with great potential so this is the right time to grab it!

Right now I have given high level view of what Enabling Series looks like but we will continue to add more into Enabling Series which will help Pakistan and the people to be Enable and Enabling Others – that is what is all about Enablers!

The best thing is that since us physically in 8 cities of Pakistan with full time offices so these training will be offered Online and Face to Face Training Courses with LIFETIME SUPPORT!

I will be explaining in much more detail about these 10 different type of businesses which are now part of Enabling Series in much more detail in next few days!